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As we all know, English is considered as a 'universal language.' Learn all the aspects you needed to learn in the English subject. From vocabularies to morphology.


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English Tuition for Secondary Students

Private English tuition for secondary students has become increasingly important to ensure that your child can cope with the demands of a strict school curriculum. Most if not all Singaporeans are bilingual and learn English as it is the main medium of instruction in schools. The country's bilingual language education policy requires primary and secondary students to learn English and their mother tongue as a second language to promote a dual-language learning system. This is where Tueetor comes in to help as it provides a practical and effective way for parents to find the best private tutor for their child via an efficient, self-serve system accessible 24/7 perfect for busy parents.

Parents can conveniently shortlist, select and interview a trainer that matches their child's learning style and needs using a mapping technology unique to Tueetor's platform. You can also choose to negotiate the location, time, and price for the lessons. At Tueetor, you can engage the best English tutors in Singapore or specialists in your area to make sure your child receives superior subject matter tuition at the most competitive price. You can elect to book a private one-on-one session at home or a small group class in a tuition centre of your choice using the website or app.

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