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Learn one of the most essential and fundamental scientific disciplines. Explore different chemical elements, study and understand its properties, composition, structure and behaviour.


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Best Secondary Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

At the end of their second year, most secondary level students except those enrolled in the Integrated Programme (which leads to either an A-level exam or International Baccalaureate Diploma) are streamed into a range of course combinations based on four tracks specifically Integrated Programme, Express, Normal (Academic), or Normal (Technical). Students have to sit between six to ten subjects with English, Mother Tongue or Higher Mother Tongue Language, one Science, Math, and one Humanities elective being mandatory at the O-level exam.

It is no secret that there are ongoing debates on the effectiveness of streaming not to mention the increasing pressure young students have to go through preparing for their O-levels. Chemistry is one option under the Science group and if your child has chosen this subject, it is highly recommended that you help them manage their school work and boost their academic performance. Superior secondary Chemistry tuition in Singapore is available at an affordable price with Tueetor. Specialist Chemistry trainers with relevant experience and credentials are within reach 24/7 via Tueetor's website or app.

Parents can easily shortlist, interview, and select the best trainer to match their child's individual learning style and requirements. With many tutors to choose from, you also have the added convenience of opting for a private one-on-one class in the comfort of your own home or another location amenable to both parties. However, if one-on-one is not your child's preferred style then learning in a tuition centre of your choice is an alternative worth considering. You can also discuss and negotiate with your chosen trainer about the location, class time, and tuition fees.

Benefits of Chemistry Tuition in Singapore for Secondary level students

Tueetor's platform offers a unique mapping technology feature which pairs up a trainer and learner allowing parents to find the most suitable tutor and Chemistry tuition in Singapore for their child's individual needs.

Here are some reasons why your child will benefit from private Chemistry tuition:

• Private lessons allow learners to receive customised lessons that focus on addressing their weak areas hence students can save on time and effort while improving their academic performance. • By being able to work on assignments, projects, or questions under the guidance of an experienced tutor, learners' stress levels are reduced. Positive reinforcement and encouragement from tutors in a high-level but non-rigid environment also build confidence in their abilities.  
• One-on-one or small group tuition is less of a health risk. Catching a cold and other viral diseases are easily contracted in public which is a common problem for big classes. Letting your child receive private tuition at home or in a small controlled environment like a tuition centre minimises their exposure to possible health issues. • Learning in a more intimate and private method provides a safe and proactive space where your child can openly communicate their specific concerns with an experienced subject matter expert.  

Secondary education can be challenging for many students. Let Tueetor help you find the Chemistry tutor to match your child's individual needs --- at the best location, time, and price. If you require any assistance with the use of our website or app, please call us at +6562066660.

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