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Victoria Tan


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Victoria Tan

I am an undergraduate in NUS and a part time tutor. I like to teach because I believe it is essential that kids grow up to understand things about their world and contribute back to society in the future. Having been in the position of an uninterested or distracted learner, I understand the struggles of having to strive hard with this existing education system. Be that as it may, I would like to ease the process of having to take learning as a chore, turn studying into something the students would be eager to chase after because of the knowledge they can grasp easily. I have a p4 student and a p5 student who have different learning styles, therefore I am able to teach differently depending on how effective the methods are on each child.

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Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2019 30 120 - Anywhere
Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2019 30 120 - Anywhere

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