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Teacher Lyn


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Teacher Lyn

Improve your ability to speak, listen, read, and write - for academic purposes, business communication, or for leisure. • ENGLISH for GCE ‘O’ Levels • GENERAL PAPER • IELTS • ENGLISH as a second language for all ages HOW DOES THIS WORK? 1. SMALL LEARNING GROUPS of 2 to 4 students to enable mutual sharing of ideas 2. FOCUSED ANALYSIS ON COMPREHENSION of a variety of content curated based on themes and interests 3. DISCIPLINED PRACTICE of essential components of literacy 4. LEARN THE RULES of the language and academic criteria so that you can score "I coach out of love for learning, inquiry, and discovery so that my students thrive with better English to communicate with competence and confidence.” Location: MARINA SQUARE near City Hall MRT, Promenade MRT, and Esplanade MRT. Fees: A FLAT-RATE monthly fee per student for 2 hours a week. The fifth weekly session of the same month is free-of-charge. Replacement classes are subject to availability and must be done within the same month. 2019 TUEETOR BONUS: FREE ENGLISH CLASS SAMPLING held on the first Sunday of every month. We cover a different theme each month. Limited to 8 students per free class. Register now at **** Teacher Lyn has taught English from pre-school to junior colleges and university since 1998. She has teaching diplomas in early childhood education and English, as well as a degree in psychology from NUS. Her diverse experiences with different learners enable personal coaching to strengthen literacy and language skills. As a tutor and mentor, she motivates students for 100% grade improvement so that they become self-sustaining achievers. She is inspired by the concept of multiple intelligences and believes that a cooperative, supportive and nurturing environment can help every learner to succeed. (Résumé on request.)


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Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2000 100 400 - Up to 0 km
General Paper
JC / CI / IB Bachelor 2000 120 480 - Up to 0 km
All levels Bachelor 2012 120 480 - Up to 0 km
Public Relations
All levels Bachelor 2005 120 480 - Up to 0 km
H1 General Paper
JC / CI / IB Post-graduate 2000 120 480 - Up to 0 km
English as a Foreign Language (EFL)
University Post-graduate 2007 120 480 - Up to 0 km
IELTS Preparation
All levels Certified 2019 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
Life Coaching: Youth
All levels Certified 2019 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
H2 English Language and Linguistics
All levels Post-graduate 2000 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
All levels Post-graduate 2019 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
Business Writing and Presentation Skill
All levels Bachelor 2019 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
Academic Writing
All levels Bachelor 2009 N.A. 480 - Up to 0 km
Portfolio Building
All levels Not Applicable 2019 N.A. 450 - Up to 0 km

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She is a very patient when teaching students and from my personal experience she is able to clarify any questions I had for her. She is able to makes lessons fun but still make sure that the students
She keeps lessons interesting by teaching us general information which can be applied to many subjects, not just english. This is espeially useful for my gp in jc. She also changes the areas we are
Lyn has an alternative way of teaching, she engages my creativity and opened up my perspective in coming up with ideas for essays, that writing is not as restrictive as I thought.