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Siti Aishah Ahmad


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Siti Aishah Ahmad

Former school teacher of Chemistry at a local junior college and tutor at well-established learning centres since 2008. Taught a large variety of classes during my experience as a tutor. 1-1 to small group and large group. Students from all walks of life, re-taking exams, not-so-top schools, international students, top schools, integrated program, all races alike. I'd first check with student the topics s/he has the most difficulty in, and zoom in on that. Clear all doubts from school materials that s/he has first. So student will need to come prepared with queries from past topics. When that's done, we tackle the current topic the school is teaching. Teach upcoming topics in advance. Provide additional practice materials - good thinking questions to test conceptual understanding - for ace-ing exams. I love helping students. Make the best of yourselves in Maths and Chem with me!

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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Secondary - Upper Certified 2013 N.A. 250 - Up to 0 km
Secondary - Upper Certified 2014 N.A. 250 - Up to 0 km
JC / CI / IB Certified 2007 N.A. 350 - Up to 0 km

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