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Rachel Ng


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Rachel Ng

I've been tutoring since 2015 for the following levels and subjects: P6 Math & Science, Sec 1 Math & Science, Sec 3 and 4 E-Math & Chemistry, JC Math. I've also tutored Primary school students at an after school care before I entered University. My Secondary 4 student improved from grade F9 to B4 in about 2 months of tuition. Another student who failed his entry exam into a local secondary school managed to do well in the test after tuition for 1 month. For the first few sessions, I will go through test/exam paper questions with the students using as it covers a broad range of topics and thus allowing me to make an initial assessment of their strengths and weaknesses in different topics of a particular subject. If they do not understand a certain question, I will explain it to them and give several example questions to test if they understood my explanation. Sometimes I would ensure that they understand the explanation by getting them to explain to me their thought processes when they attempt the questions. I will usually go through questions with the student and explain anything that they have difficulty understanding. Then I will proceed to mark their homework while they complete more questions during the session. I have a passion for youths, and I have been working with youth groups every weekend since 2013. I think that having private tuition with youths give me extra opportunities to make an impact in young lives. My belief is that communication and cooperation between the tutor and parents are very important. Hence, I will frequently update the student's parents on his/her progress, and would also appreciate feedback regarding the sessions so as to better suit the needs of the student.

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 N.A. 180 - Up to 0.001 km
Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 N.A. 150 - Up to 0.001 km
Secondary - Lower Undergraduate 2015 N.A. 150 - Up to 0.001 km
Secondary - Lower Undergraduate 2015 N.A. 210 - Up to 0.001 km
Secondary - Upper Undergraduate 2015 N.A. 210 - Up to 0.001 km

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