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Rachel C


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Rachel C

Hi there! My name is Rachel and I am a passionate and experienced tutor. My journey in education started with majoring in diploma in commerce financial accounting. However, I realized that my passion lies in special education and decided to pursue a diploma in special education in 2019. I began my work as a coach assistant at St. Andrew Adult Home, where I assisted adults with autism in their day-to-day learning in the daycare centre. I participated in providing emotional regulation support, organizing field trips, and helping with day-to-day challenges. Working with individuals with special needs ranging from moderate to severe level has given me a greater understanding of their unique learning needs and how to support them effectively. I also work as a teacher assistant at an early intervention centre for primary students. My responsibilities include teaching basic calculation, improving writing skills, social skill and guiding hyperactive students through exercises. I also prepare lesson plans, visual aids and teaching materials to ensure effective learning for each student. I have also previously worked as a home tutor, providing one-on-one guidance and support to mainstream lower primary students. In Mathematics and English subjects. As a tutor, I believe that every student deserves the chance to learn and grow, and I am committed to helping them achieve their full potential. With my knowledge and experience in special education, I am confident that I can provide effective and compassionate support to my students.


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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Special Needs: Autism
Preschool Not Applicable 2013 40 160 - Anywhere
Special Needs: ADHD
Primary - Lower Not Applicable 2019 40 160 - Anywhere
Primary - Lower Certified 2019 30 120 - Anywhere
Primary - Lower Certified 2019 30 120 - Anywhere

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