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Teaching is my passion and I love to see the Aha! moment experienced by my students. I believe that every child is smart and special. Every student possesses the potential to excel academically. I want to be that person in the child's life to see him or her grow and gain confidence and skills in the subjects which I would be teaching them. I have been giving tuition during my undergraduate days before I joined the teaching service. In all, I have 9 years of teaching and tutoring experience under my belt. Being a full time tutor and ex teacher, I will be able to bring out the best in my students. I will improve the weak areas and strengthen the concepts that my students have learnt. For example in Chinese, I will explain the terms - the meanings and the usage of them for weaker students. In the process, I will focus on their oral skills and how to apply the knowledge they have learnt in the language in their everyday life. On the other hand, I will stretch the ability of stronger students by giving them challenging comprehension questions and material to aid in their essay writing. Clear, concise explanation, tailored tutoring and practical examples are just some of the teaching methods used in my lessons. Currently I am tutoring primary and secondary pupils and they have shown great improvement in their year end results.


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All levels Bachelor 2009 70 N.A. - Anywhere
Chinese B
All levels Bachelor 2009 70 N.A. - Anywhere
Higher Chinese
All levels Bachelor 2009 75 N.A. - Anywhere

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