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Parvin Kaur


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Parvin Kaur

This is my profile. My name is Ms Kaur Im a degree holder in psychology. I have 6 years of experience in teaching. I have given tuition before to my cousins, neighbors, friends siblings and students from tuition agencies. Under my guidance, they have achieved great results and my way of teaching are, I would prepare notes and worksheets for my students. However for the first 2 lessons I would need parents to provide materials so that I can observe the child in which area he/she needs guidance. My students enjoy my lessons. Previously, I taught a primary 6 girl who used to fail badly in her Math and science. But after I started teaching her, she got a grade B. And she used to dislike the subject and now she is starting to enjoy those subjects. And I also used to teach a student, who was in secondary 4 English and math. Who used to fail but now he's getting 80 marks. I’ve been teaching this student (primary 6) for about 5 months, did very badly before I started teaching her and after that she improved drastically, did very well for her PSLE and went into express stream. I have also taught students from preschool all the way to secondary school and have improved a lot. From not able to read proper words till they are able to write words for preschool till primary 2. And all my students enjoy the lessons I carry out for them. I make lessons fun too. My students have been with me for at least 1-1.5 years.

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