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Julian Matius


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Julian Matius

He successfully graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in 2004 with a Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) followed by a Specialist Diploma in Learning and Instruction from the National Institute of Education. In 2013, he graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. \r\nJulian stems from a military background and he ended his 13 year career in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) honorably, serving numerous leadership appointments - of note, as a sniper cadre. He ended his career as a 3rd Warrant Officer, specialising in intelligence and combat operations.\r\nAs part of the extensive leadership and special skills training in the SAF, he was trained and certified as an Coach and Facilitator in performance and team development. \r\nAs a person who is constantly learning, he is self-taught in Photoshop, Graphic Design and Photography. He is also an avid sportsman having represented Singapore twice in Karate, earning him bronze and silver awards in individual and team sparring categories.\r\nJulian is currently works as a Residential Life Coordinator in the Singapore University of Technology and Design and occupies his time by conducting research in experiential learning in preparation for a Masters Programme in Education.


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Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Certified Certified 2000 40 90 - Anywhere
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2004 40 150 - Up to 1 km
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2004 40 160 - Up to 1 km
Martial Arts: Karate
Not Applicable Certified 2003 40 160 - Up to 1 km
Life Coaching: Team
Certified Certified 2012 150 600 - Anywhere
Life Coaching: Personal
Certified Certified 2012 150 600 - Up to 1 km
Adobe Photoshop
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2007 60 240 - Up to 5 km

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