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Jon-Taylor Lim


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Jon-Taylor Lim

Hi there! My name is Jon-Taylor and I'm currently 18 years old as of 2017. I have just completed my A levels and am now waiting for national service. My enlistment is on April 2018. While you may be thinking that I may not have time to teach a tutee while I'm in NS, I'd like to let you know that I am very interested in teaching a small handful of students that I can still fit into my free time when I book out of the army, provided the students prefers my teaching style over others. I graduated from St andrews secondary and junior college. I have a passion for math and physics and have had some experience in teaching math and chem to my girlfriend who was under the IB system. With that being said, my best subjects are still physics and chem. I took 4 H2 subjects in JC that being Physics, Chemisty, Math and Economics. In secondary school I took pure physics and pure chemisty. As well as Additional mathematics and Elementary mathematics. As for my future prospects, I am keen in taking up a double degree of business and engineering. To start off my journey on that route, I've taken up hobbies such as coding apps, websites and predictive algorithms. I'm a strong believer in life long learning and it's a big joy to always learn new things as well as seeing the enlightenment in others when they truly understand what theyre learning. With the understanding of the concepts I have previously learnt, I will do my best to pass down that same knowledge to you as a student or to your child. Thank you for reading this far!

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Additional Mathematics
Secondary - Upper Pre-University 2017 40 N.A. - Anywhere
Pure Physics
Secondary - Upper Pre-University 2017 40 160 - Anywhere
Secondary - Upper Pre-University 2017 40 160 - Anywhere

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