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Han Yong Ong


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Han Yong Ong

During my years spent chasing academic qualifications, I have coaching fellow students/ juniors in the subject Mathematics through peer tutoring programme. This experience allows me to identify the students’ weakness, thus enabling me to select the most suitable approach to guide them to understand the syllabus in the most efficient way. Being a Mathematics tutor since 2007, I have been exposed to different types of students (Straight As students, students having weak foundation, students often playing truant from school, etc.). Therefore, I am able to engage respective tutees into developing their own problem-solving skills in Mathematics. Results: Latest results of my 4 students who took O levels in 2016. The first student got an A1 for both A.maths and E.maths. The 2nd student got an A2 for both A.maths and E.maths. The 3rd student got A2 for E.maths. The 4th student obtained an A2 in A Maths. The results of the remaining 3 students who are not taking O levels this year: The 1st student(secondary 3) gotten an A1 for E maths and A2 for A maths. The 2nd student obtained an A2 for E maths. The 3rd student gotten an A for Calculus in her poly year 1(A maths is the foundation for Calculus)

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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Additional Mathematics
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2007 75 N.A. - Up to 9.999 km
Elementary Mathematics
Secondary - Upper Bachelor 2007 75 N.A. - Up to 9.999 km
Secondary - Lower Bachelor 2007 75 N.A. - Up to 9.999 km

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