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Elavarasi Manogaran


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Elavarasi Manogaran

I'm a postgraduate from National University of Singapore, with about 6 years of experience teaching Computer Science to both university and school students. I have recently been teaching English and Computational Thinking for preschoolers and primary level students. What is Computational Thinking? _______________________________ Computational Thinking is envisioned as "a universally applicable attitude and skill set that every child, not just emerging computer scientists, would be eager to learn and use". It's an essential part of every child's education. Computatonal thinking is broadly defined as a collection of cognitive and problem solving skills that includes (but not limited to) recognizing patterns, logically organizing and analyzing data, breaking down a bigger problem into smaller parts and formulating problems in a way that is easier for a computer to solve more problems efficiently. Taking this course will enhance your child's creativity, logical reasoning ability and algorithmic skills which they can use to approach their everyday living as well as future academic pursuits. This course will also help them prepare and participate in computational thinking competitions worldwide. As an ardent researcher in Early Childhood Education, I am also offering courses on holistic education and well-being for preschoolers, primary children and parents of infants and toddlers. This will include teaching about general well-being and happiness of children and practicing well-being through scientifically tested exercises like showing gratitude and identifying character strengths. If you are interested to know more about my classes, please drop me a mail at ****. Please check my curriculum vitae for further information.

Subjects Offered

subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Preschool Master 2017 40 320 - Anywhere
Primary - Lower Master 2017 40 320 - Anywhere
Computational Thinking
Preschool Master 2012 50 400 - Anywhere
Computational Thinking
Primary - Lower Master 2012 50 400 - Anywhere

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