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Darren Lee


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Darren Lee

Hi! My name is Darren, 22 years old currently studying in NUS Nursing. Aspire to be a healthcare professional that can help other people in certain aspects of their life. I normally help my sisters with their schoolwork and is now trying to look for primary school and lower secondary school students that need help with mathematics. As i gain experience and become more confident, i will open up my available subjects to help more students improve, meanwhile i will stick to primary and lower secondary maths which i am more confident of. I like to use students' own school work to find out where they usually make mistakes and then improve from there. Will get assessments to help student get more practice as well. Available Locations and Timing Weekdays I stay in RC4 (located along dover road) and would like to keep it within West Districts || Preferably 7-9 *Wednesday free whole day and can travel up to NorthWest Districts Weekends free whole day and can travel up to NorthWest Districts Rates stated are per hour and is negotiable. Timings are negotiable as well.

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subject Level Qualification Experience Rate Per Session Rate Per Month ONLINE RATE PER SESSION Can travel Map
Primary - Upper Undergraduate 2016 30 N.A. - Anywhere
Primary - Lower Undergraduate 2017 25 N.A. - Anywhere

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