Parents: Why Your Child Probably Dislikes Math – And Here’s What You Can Do To Help

“I don’t know how to do (this question).”

Whether it’s Math at Primary School or Secondary level …

As parents, we often see our children pouring through homework, assessment books, worksheets etc – then flipping pages back & forth, reaching for the answer sheets when they get stuck – only to start sighing when they can’t understand the solution or model answers staring back at them.

Seeing the blank look on their faces, we can’t help but worry about how they are going to fare in upcoming tests & exams – & beyond.

As time goes by, they get increasingly discouraged & demoralized.

But it’s not their fault.

You See: After over 10 years of working with other tutoring partners from all over Singapore, we discovered that more often than not, the problem isn’t about lack of efforts.

In fact, over 90% of children don’t actually have a so-called “intelligence” issue.

What they have, is a learning issue: They need to know the right ways to approach the subject & understand the basic fundamentals well before they can apply it!

This is exactly the problem: Today, the teaching methods children are exposed to, merely “mitigate symptoms”, rather than get to the root cause.

Children who faces challenges in keeping up under such teaching methodologies tend to feel bad about themselves, & they seek out help from friends or parents.

If they still can’t get the help they need, they bottle up their thoughts, & try to memorize without understanding, hoping to scrape through or ‘get by’.

But when bad results happen again & again, they begin to doubt themselves, & some may even put on a false front that everything is “going well & good”, in an attempt to save themselves from embarrassment, or being judged negatively.

That’s not all: MOE’s syllabus changes every few years, with additionally demanding standards.

No matter how hard these children try, this culminates into low grades & results, leading to demoralized, withdrawn & forlorn learners …

It is important for parents to realize that the commonly-used traditional “hot-housing” teaching style might not be as effective for today’s learning minds.

Imagine getting stuck in their studies with no quality help – especially at night – & being unable to finish their homework for submission the next day.

Over time, all these results in a negative self-fulfilling prophecy which cumulatively affects their ability to excel, because past poor performance reinforces this.

Nipping the problem in the bud, we begin seeking out the best help we can find – top-quality educational materials, highly sought-after tutors etc …

But wait.

First, Here’s What You Need To Do.

Communicate more with your child. Make efforts to understand his thoughts & that he/she isn’t in this alone.

Then formulate a game plan to ignite an interest in learning Math in him/her.

Get an experienced tutor who is familiar & up-to-date with the MOE Maths syllabus. The tutor should also be BIG on the fundamentals, & is able to patiently hand-hold your child using via a proven, step-by-step fashion.

This will ensure learnings are broken down into bite-size, easily-digestible chunks so that learners can absorb, & internalize knowledge & information with minimal effort.

This means simplifying complex topics like Complex numbers, Differentiation & Integration etc – into smaller, easily-solvable parts, so as to not overwhelm each learner.

The objective is to build up a rock-solid foundation for your child, enabling them to enjoy small wins in building confidence & higher-order thinking skills.

Monitor your child’s progress appropriately. Do not wait till only after a lot of information is covered; by then it would be too late to catch up.

Along the way, give them the encouragement they need. Positive reinforcement works wonders too, & award them the praise they deserve & give them credit when it’s due.

Moving Ahead

Now that we know the preliminary steps on helping our child, the next thing we want – is to know how we can find such a tutor.

In the COVID era, where certain classes are now held online due to the pandemic, you can browse through our online portal for a suitable tutor.

But we’ve got a better idea.

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With 10-minute tutor, children will never have to worry about unfinished problems at the back of their minds at night, or worry about not understanding the answers & “disrupting” a classroom lesson in the day.

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Before we end off, here’s a bonus tip: Using positive emotions enables faster learning & better outcomes. And gentle encouragement always works over ‘tough love’ – hands-down.