What does the Tueetor™ Multi-tool Represent?

Multitool Version 1

The Tueetor team was looking for a gift to reward people who were supporting us on our newly-created Facebook page. As our very first official company “merchandise”, we wanted something that could represent what the company advocates, and of course, something unique. Took us some effort, but we eventually found the perfect gift!

Presenting the Tueetor Limited Edition Multi-Tool

This credit-card sized multitool is most commonly known as the Ninja Wallet.

We’ve been asked too many times about why we chose the multitool as our very first corporate collateral.


  1. It’s such a handy item to carry around! Looking at such a tiny item – slim, light, credit-card sized (it fits in your wallet!), this multitool has so many functions! It is essentially 18 tools in one tiny card! It is a Bottle Opener, Cellphone Stand, Can Opener, Fruit Peeler, Box Opener, Letter Opener, Ruler, Nail Puller, Screwdriver (Phillips, Flat Head, Eye Glass) and Hex Wrenches (6 sizes). Easy, practical and so convenient!
  2. It’s unique! We’re sure you’ve received so many different type of company premiums and gifts – pen, notebooks, power banks, thumb drives just to name a few. How often do you receive a gift like that?!
  3. Multi-tool for people who are multi-skilled! Whether it’s a sport or musical instrument you play, languages you speak, or a craft you’ve mastered, the Tueetor team believes that everyone has skills and experiences to share and impart. You can be an English teacher, but also a very good photographer. Instead of limiting yourself to just giving English classes, you can teach someone photography as well! Your Mother could be an Accounting Manager, and a very good cook. If she has a couple of hours a week to spare and wants an enriching experience, she can teach both skills. Similarly, you can be learning multiple skills at the same time! Learn that language you’ve always wanted to! Start doing Yoga! Learn how to play the Guitar! Pick up Programming! There’s always more to teach or learn than you think! Be like the multi-tool – One Entity, Multiple Skills.

If you have received this gift, we hope you’re liking it! If you haven’t, do write to us to find out how you can receive it!