Tueetor visits Singapore Polytechnic & Nanyang Polytechnic campuses

Campus Activation

Since our launch in August, Tueeties from have been out and about to tertiary campuses (Polytechnics & Universities) in Singapore as part of their campus visits series!

A quick snapshot of us: TUEETOR is a fully-automated, 24/7, Learner-Trainer matching platform, which allows learners to connect directly to teachers and instructors. No middleman involved! We do not charge commission or referral fee for any successful connections between tutors and students! The platform is also location-based, so you can find both Students & Tutors who are located closer to your home or school!

Singapore Polytechnic Campus Visits!

To begin our string of Polytechnic Campus visits, we went to Singapore Polytechnic on 15th to 17th November!


Tueeties in action during Singapore Polytechnic campus visits.

Throughout the Polytechnic Campus visits, we shared with the students what Tueetor can do for them! For example, students who are good in any skills, like Programming, Guitar or a genre of dance, they can become a Tutor on Tueetor! By creating a user account, they will be matched automatically to students who are looking to learn that skill. This could be a more enriching part-time job during their school term. No agent fees needed!

For those having problems with subjects such as Additional Mathematics and Accounting, they can sign up as a Student to find tutors near their school or their home for private teaching.

Nanyang Polytechnic Campus Visits!

Next up on 22nd-24th November, we had overwhelming responses and interests at Nanyang Polytechnic! Many have expressed that they didn’t know tutoring goes beyond teaching academic subjects. Now you can teach areas of interest that you have great skills in, from Photography, Coding to Web Design! Tueetor can help you turn your hobbies into your career.


Tueeties with Tueetor found Han Sing during Nanyang Polytechnic campus visits.

Thank you to all our Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic students who have LIKED our FB page! It was great meeting you guys during our campus visits! We look forward to you embarking on your Tueetor journey and see what we can do for YOU! To the rest of the Polytechnics, Tueetor is coming your way soon! Look out for our Tueeties and receive a limited edition Tueetor merchandise on our next campus visit!