Malaysia! We’re here for you!

Malaysia - Photo by Sadie Teper on Unsplash

Tueetor® is an EdTech start-up that was launched August 2016 in Singapore. Good news! Our platform is now available in Malaysia!

Tueetor is a 24 x 7, fully-automated, location-based service – a free online marketplace connecting learners and trainers instantly based on several criteria. Via our website and mobile app, you will have full control of who, what, when and where you want to teach/learn. No middleman, no waiting time, no referral fees, no one-sided “market rates”. 

We are more than just tuition. Tueetor is aiming for a more affordable, accessible and inclusive education. If there is interest in teaching or learning any subject or skills, users can find a connection through Tueetor. Besides academic subjects, these skills can be a language, any sport, an instrument, a specific genre of dance, utility of a software, and even education support for special needs children.

To celebrate the launch of Tueetor in Malaysia, we are giving away 2 months of premium subscription (called T.Pak), worth RM60! This is applicable to all new Trainer sign-ups for our friends based in Malaysia! Besides the fact that it is 100% free, there is also no purchase required, and no conditions attached! Furthermore, if you’re looking to learn, a Student account is always, and forever completely free! 

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