Singapore, February 2, 2021 – Tueetor® has launched Singapore’s first tutor on-demand mobile app that allows students to instantly hire certified teachers to help them on their homework and revisions – 24×7, LIVE.

Called 10-Minute Tutor™, or 10MT in short, its development was fast-tracked because of COVID-19.

“When home-based learning first became a reality, we received many feedback – from students and parents alike – that it was increasingly difficult to learn during these classes.” said Mr. Tan Han Sing, Tueetor’s Founder. “Curriculum, pedagogy was developed to take full advantage of traditional classrooms, labs and other school facilities,” he added, “When these infrastructures were no longer as accessible, learning objectives got inadvertently compromised.”

There was a need to provide students with additional education support after school, and who better to give them than qualified teachers themselves? As Tueetor started developing online learning technologies long before the pandemic, it was able to quickly put the two together – backed by the thousands of educators who were already on its platform – delivering certified tutors online through 10MT.

Each session is $10 and lasts 10 minutes. Students may ask as many questions as they like during the session – extending it only when they need to – at $1 per minute.
“Laser-focus on effective problem-solving, it’s simply the most inexpensive way to get qualified help!” exclaimed the founder. So confident, Tueetor provides a money-back guarantee to students (and parents) who find themselves spending more on 10-Minute Tutor than regular tuition. “At the heart of the 10MT service, it’s still affordability – the Tueetor DNA.” the founder assured.

“We have attracted more than 200 qualified teachers to join 10MT and will be introducing the first 100 in phase 1. All inputs collected during this phase will help us better our product and offer in subsequent ones.” explained Han Sing.

According to Tueetor, private tutoring is an enormous 100-billion-consultation-minute market in Asia Pacific, and its ambition is to convert them to online sessions through 10-Minute Tutor. “Now, students are ready and equipped to learn online, from teachers anywhere! It’s a paradigm shift accelerated by the pandemic.” said Han Sing. After Singapore, Tueetor intends to take 10MT to other parts of SEA, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where they currently operate. As a Grab Venture Velocity portfolio startup, it also looks forward to riding on Grab’s formidable market access in the region, in making that happen.

The “10-Min Tutor” app is now available on both Apple and Google stores.