TUEETOR CHATS With Si Lie from Salt & Light Archery

Mention ‘Archery’ & we may probably imagine ourselves using a bow to shoot arrows – as a recreational or team-building activity.

But for local award-winning Archer Tan Si Lie, the art of bow & arrow is a life-changing sport, turning him from a teenager inactive in CCAs – to an adept Archer, representing Singapore on an International Level.

Today, he shares his thoughts and experience on his journey.

Hi Si Lie! Great to have you with us today. Tell us how you got started.

Archery changed my life 180 degrees! I went from someone with no CCA – all the way until polytechnic, to having the privilege of representing our little red dot on the international stage.

It’s like a calling from above – God bestowed the skill of Archery upon me and shaped and grew me into the person I am today. It is my innate passion, like how we use salt to bring out the flavours of a dish.

As we all know, light eliminates darkness. As practitioners of this sacred art, we hope that Archery can shine even brighter in the local sports scene, as we strive towards promoting this sport to people of all walks of life.

*Meet the Masked Archers!

AWESOME! Can you tell us what excites you most about your industry?

(*Smiles) Nothing feels more satisfying than seeing the white-teethy smiles, feeling the thrill and excitement across the faces of our students shooting an arrow for the very 1st time. This is especially for those who have never expected that they can do well in something – but achieved in the end!

You’ll notice that newly-found confidence in them – whom after their first try with the bow & arrow, finally start to believe in themselves – that this is a skill which they too can excel in.

For people who do not usually set goals, you might be surprised to know that this actually impacts them MASSIVELY, and they begin to dream big and work hard towards achieving them.

What do you hope your students will achieve or take away?

Power of Belief in Self. Character. To always believe in oneself no matter how tough a situation gets. We all have the power to choose how we respond to events in life.

That’s not all. We learn about true determination, dedication and discipline. To cultivate & nurture friendships which last a lifetime. To see a person’s core values & beliefs as more important than achievements and accolades.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

This: “Some people dream. Some wake up and work towards their dreams.”

Tell us who inspires you?

Park Sung Hyun, a South Korean archer who is the first to cross the 1400 mark in a 144-arrows’ shooting format in 2004. Her impressive track record still stands today. She is also the first archer who shot a ‘351’ in a 36-arrow 70m distance – a HUGE feat outdoing all other archers – men and women alike.

What have you recently learnt that just blew you away?

When we train, we must train with purpose: to make each arrow count, in the same way every bullet can save your life in a gunfight. Never shoot an arrow for the sake of shooting nor train for the sake of training.

If you had to teach something different, what would it be?

Let me see … Can being Adventurous be taught? Haha! (*Chuckles)

What is your ‘me-time‘ like?

Riding my bike. Exploring new, unknown ‘ulu’ places. “Relaxed-Hanging” on my hammock by the beach. The sun, the sand, and the sea.

Hiking on the mountains. Diving! Into the underwater world.

Recommend us a book or film you think everyone should read and why.

‘Grand Weaver’ by Ravi Zacharias, is a good read.

Tell us a quote you stand for or live by?

“Do my best. Trust God with the rest.”

Share with us, the ‘Shameless plug’ for your business.

Hmmm… a team of young coaches? Just kidding LOL. Okay okay – our academy is probably best-known for its unique location, under the West Coast highway. Very “Singaporean” – maximizing every little space. We also have an indoor A/C shooting range located at SAFRA (Punggol). Both operate from 9am – 10pm daily – so that working professionals can come by for some ‘shooting’ fun after work or post-dinner recreation.

What’s next that we look forward to in the coming months for your business?

Good looking coaches in our sessions! Cos we’re “masked” during the pandemic (*Winks)

How can people connect with you?

Simply reach and follow me on:

Instagram: @slarchery
Facebook: www.facebook.com/slarchery
Website: www.slarchery.sg

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