TUEETOR CHATS with Sharel Ng of My Little Sister


Have you heard of ‘cute aggression’? This is a phenomenon that happens when you encounter something so kawaii, so overly adorable, that you want to squeeze it or eat it.

It happens often with newborn babies, i.e. people saying ‘You’re so cute, I could just eat you!’, or in cases such as adorable stuffed toys:


First coined by Yale researchers back in 2013, ‘cute aggression’ is a type of “dimorphous” display, in which a positive experience elicits expressions usually associated with negative emotions.

All of this is to say, when you see the kawaii cartoon-style pastries that My Little Sister produces, you’re definitely going to experience cute aggression. Creating the steamed buns, cookies, glutinous rice ball and pineapple cakes adorned with photorealistic cartoon characters will be an experience you won’t forget. We spoke to the creator and founder, Ms Sharel Ng.

Hi Sharel! How did you get started in your current line of work?

My Little Sister Sharel Ng
Sharel Ng (left) of My Little Sister

I followed my god-sister to one of ABC Studios’ baking classes, and from there, my baking journey took off. Her passion and constant encouragement have helped inspire me to continue creating new cartoon pastries.

What excites you most about baking cartoon pastries?

There’s no limit or boundaries to recreating any cartoon character or caricature. When I successfully recreate a cartoon character/caricature into a pastry with almost 100% likeness, it really makes my heart sing. The ability to make my own designs from scratch, as well, also make this industry exciting.

How is My Little Sister standing out in the Singapore marketplace?

Baking figurine pastries is picking up quickly, replacing just regular baking of cakes and tarts. The craze started in Taiwan and is now trending in Singapore.

What is My Little Sister best known for?

Image courtesy of My Little Sister

Personal attention to my students. I manage both group classes as well as one-on-one classes, and all of them get to bring home their own creations to share with friends and family.

It brings me a great deal of joy when my student smiles at the pastry that they have completed with immense pride and satisfaction.

Every pastry from; cookie, glutinous rice ball, steamed bun and pineapple cake.

Share a story about a learner and their progression through your course.

There’s no one specific case but it is definitely heartwarming when a student comes for all 4 classes I offer, and then asks for more new classes to be introduced.

What is one movie that has changed your perspective of work/business/life?


‘The Greatest Showman’.

Is there a quote that you live by?

‘Life is what you bake it’.

Tell us something new that My Little Sister is currently working on.

We’re currently working on new designs for the next festive/holiday season!

What are some upcoming plans for My Little Sister?

Expanding my presence on multiple platforms such as

  • collaboration with ingredients distributors/online platforms, and
  • increasing my portfolio of classes to reach out to a larger segment of students and keep my regular students ‘hungry’ to learn new techniques.

How can prospective students connect with you?

Look at My Little Sister Facebook page for examples of our classes!

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