One-Hour Trial Courses To Send Your Kids For In December


Kids love the December holidays because it’s a time for play and fun, but it can be exhausting for parents, who must juggle their regular duties while finding ways to entertain their children. For parents who don’t have alternative caregivers, especially, it can be tough to go to work without leaving your children unattended at some point.

To help your children celebrate the holiday season without taking an entire month of family leave, we’ve compiled some workshops that run the gamut from dance to art to sports for children of all ages. These trial courses allow your children to try out a new activity, without having to commit to it full-time during the holidays. The physical nature of these activities also supply the crucial exercise and socialisation that children need on a daily basis.

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For 3 – 4-Year-Olds

1. The Little Musical Scientist (1 Day Trial)

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) programmes are becoming more popular as students show benefits from being exposed to a well-rounded combination of subjects and topics. Courses such as The Little Musical Scientist aim to introduce young tots, from 3-4 years old onwards, to STEAM through engaging and interactive activities such as pendulum painting. Let your child experience the 1 hour trial session where instructors will incorporate music and movement to help your child create art.

The Little Musical Scientist (1 Day Trial) from The PLEI Academy is available here on Coursaver at $28.80 (reduced from $32).

For 4 Years and Up

2. DanceSport Trial Lesson for Kids

Photo courtesy of The Dance Academy (tda)

DanceSport, or competitive ballroom dancing as it is more commonly called, provides training in motor skills for kids from the age of 4 and up. Enroll your child in a one-hour trial dancesport lesson, and watch as they learn steps and performance skills from notable coaches! Your options for seeing your child perform while dressed in spandex aren’t just limited to ballet anymore.

DanceSport Trial Lesson for Kids from The DanceSport Academy (tda) is available here on Coursaver at $22.50 (reduced from $25).

For 4 – 10 Years Old

3. Kyokushin Karate – Children (Trial Class)

Photo courtesy of Dojo Wu

If your child has been begging for martials arts classes all year, the December holidays are a good time to fulfil that wish. A 1-hour trial kyokushin karate (or full-contact karate) class will scratch that itch as they’ll get to wear the karate dogi (the full white attire) and learn the basics of breathing, stance, punches, and more. Of course, all of this will be done under the strict supervision of trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your child hurting themselves or someone else (or you).  

Kyokushin Karate – Children (Trial Class) from Dojo WU is available here on Coursaver at $27 (reduced from $30).

8-12 Years Old

Rye Art Class – Trial

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated than finger painting for your older child, why not pursue a fine art class that’s tailored for children? A trial class in fine art for 8-12-year olds gives them a 1-and-a-half-hour head start in fine art techniques and mediums; expect your child to learn about art history, as well as the difference between drawing and painting. If they enjoy the class and show promise in the arts, you can sign them up for a full course!

Rye Art Class – Trial from Artz Grainè Studio of Kreative Artz is available here on Coursaver at $31.50 (reduced from $35).

Bonus: Santa In Chimney Cupcakes For Parent & Child

Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on spending time with your child during the holidays as well. Instead of going to the park or zoo again, why not take a baking class together? This quick 2-hour baking session will allow you and your child to bond over baking, while ensuring that the process and prep work is managed by baking professionals.

Santa in Chimney Cupcakes for Parent and Child from Genius R Us is available here on Coursaver at $70.20 (reduced from $78).