Two Sports To Rediscover Now That E-Scooters Are Out


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore just banned e-scooters from footpaths, infuriating e-scooter riders and deliverymen who depend on them for their jobs. This new ban, in addition to the existing one for e-scooters on roads, effectively limits the area that the most common PMD can be ridden. This on top of the regulation that stipulates all PMDs have to be UL2272 -standard compliant by 2020, will undoubtedly lead to a severe drop in the number of riders turning to e-scooters as an alternative form of transportation.

We don’t know if this will continue to change, or whether other PMDs will get the same treatment, but in the meantime, you might want to consider using other methods of transport. Our suggestion? Return to your trusty bicycle or rollerblades, both of which are still allowed on roads and footpaths (for now).

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Of course, cycling and inline skating require a little more prep work as compared to stepping on an e-scooter. Before you start making the road even more dangerous by riding without any practice or experience, take one of these courses offered by our partners:

Introduction To Inline Skating by iSkate Singapore

If you’ve never tried inline skating, try out Sports Education Programme (SEP)-endorsed skating school iSkate Singapore’s introductory classes, which will teach students to rollerblade efficiently and smoothly. The play-based activities and step-by-step framework will help you to become a pro in no time!

The group introductory classes can hold up to 10 participants, so bring your friends along! Just bring some skates along if you don’t want to pay the $5 rental fee.

Check out iSkate Singapore’s Introduction To Inline Skating Course here.

Inline Skating Lesson by EXIS (Extreme Inline Sports)

Extreme Inline Sports (EXIS) prides itself on its expert coaches, who are all internationally certified and have more than 10 years’ experience teaching skating. Using sports science techniques, they hold Inline Skating courses at locations around Singapore.

Their Inline Skating course consists of 4 lessons, where the first lesson will be a skill assessment. The lesson will then be tailored to your skill level. This package of four lessons also comes with free equipment rental (the usual price is $30) as well.

EXIS’s Inline Skating lesson can be bought on Coursaver here.  

Private Inline Skating Classes by Skate With Us Pte Ltd

If you prefer one-on-one or smaller group classes, Skate With Us Pte Ltd’s private classes might be more suitable. Skate With Us Pte Ltd is accredited by organisations such as Singapore Sports’ Council and People’s Association (PA), and has a specialised programme for children.

They provide private classes for one-on-one teaching, or classes from 2 – 6 pax. Bring your other half along and learn how to skate with Skate With Us Pte Ltd.

Take a look at Skate With Us Pte Ltd’s courses on Coursaver here.

Cycling Group Lessons by Cycle School SG


Learn how to cycle with Cycle School SG, located in Tiong Bahru. Their experienced and certified instructors will assist you in developing the basics of cycling using the balance method, proven to be one of the most effective methods that also minimizes the risk of falling.

Bring your kids and friends along to Cycle School SG’s group lessons, and don’t worry about the gear – they provide the bicycles and helmets needed!

Take a look at Cycle School SG’s courses on Coursaver here.