TUEETOR CHATS with Yogi, Natalyn Annabelle Kwok

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According to online yoga blogs and gurus, Hatha Yoga (and there are up to 14 official types of Yoga out there) is the general category that incorporates the old system of asanas (physical postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to mind and body, preparing the body for deeper, more spiritual practices such as meditation.

Hatha Yoga is best for beginners as the classes are paced slower and gentler than other yoga styles, as students will get to hold their poses longer. Hatha which is a Sanskrit umbrella term for all the physical postures of yoga, is grounded in the more physical form of the practice. It is the branch of yoga that most of us have come to associate yoga with in the first place; that which incorporates all the physical poses and comprise a system of exercises that places more emphasis on breathing.

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The many benefits of Yoga are well-documented. Generally, Yoga – be it Hatha or otherwise – helps you to increase your flexibility, muscle tone and strength, circulatory and cardio health, and even helps you to sleep better and to help increase your energy levels. Overall, it will help reduce the incidence of injuries as you improve your posture, helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, depression and even help with pain as you improve your athletic performance. So if you’re looking to expand your repertoire of gentle exercises that do not cause excessive strain on your body, log onto Tueetor.com and connect with Yogis such as Natalyn today. Or better yet, read on to understand how she’ll train you.

Connect with Natalyn Kwok on Tueetor.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Natalyn.

I am a very active and joyous person who loves yoga and dance.

What inspired you to be a Yoga trainer and Yogi? 

It was in the year 2005 that I received a call from True Yoga offering me a Trial class. I was at that time a dance teacher in several schools. Not having experienced Yoga before, I decided to give it a shot. After going through a beginners’ class called Gentle Yoga, I asked for another trial class but in Power Yoga. Gentle Yoga was literally a breeze but Power Yoga was extremely tough and I almost “died” in the class. Hahaha. I signed up as a member on the same day because I saw what Yoga can do for my mind, body and soul. It was that first initial experience that inspired me to want to train and to become a Yoga trainer and Yogi.

Would you like to do this freelance career full-time?

Yes, I would love to do this full-time given the opportunity.

Picture courtesy of Shian Bang of Bang Photography.

What are your biggest strengths for being a yoga trainer?

Through my years of teaching dance, I love teaching and sharing what I know about Yoga. I am caring and will offer solutions to my students having physical or medical issues, so that I can help them manage and hopefully improve their well-being.

I focus a lot on doing the poses according to our body alignment and anatomy to prevent injuries and for the safety of my students. I would also suggest variations to help students to manage the different poses.

Picture courtesy of Shian Bang of Bang Photography.

As a Yogi, why is Yoga important?

Yoga is not just about physical poses. It is much more than that. It’s about how we live our lives. It is how we should take care of our bodies and minds through the physical poses, breathing exercises, cleansing, meditation and what we eat. It is also about how we behave and treat people around us.

How do you recognize the needs of the beginners/more experienced students and how do you manage mixed ability groups of students?

Other than doing the poses correctly, I look at how comfortable they are in the different poses. It is very rare to find someone who is able to do each and every pose correctly and comfortably. Even an experienced student can struggle with certain poses.

I would plan for a generic class and monitor how individual students manage the poses. For students who are less experienced, I would suggest a less challenging variation of the pose to help them eventually work towards attaining the ideal pose. For experienced students, I would encourage and inspire them to hold the posture for a longer period of time to build strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance.

Picture courtesy of Shian Bang of Bang Photography.

How about kids? Do you teach kids? And do you teach them with adults?

I am currently not teaching kids. However, having taught kids in dance for many years, I would love to teach Yoga to kids. As for teaching kids with adults, I have done it for dance but I have not done it for Yoga. Given the opportunity I would love to do it too.

What is the most rewarding part of being a Yoga trainer? 

The most rewarding thing about teaching Yoga is seeing students with physical and medical issues being relieved from their discomfort and their well-being being greatly improved. As for students without any physical or medical issues, I see an improvement in self-confidence and enhanced positivity and general well-being.

Picture courtesy of Shian Bang of Bang Photography.

Where do you see the future of Yoga heading?

With the increasing number of Yoga trainers out there, more people are being educated about the benefits of Yoga. Although there is only a small percentage of our population practicing Yoga regularly, there will be more people who want to practice Yoga in future as more will have a greater sense of being health-conscious, especially in our very high-stressed society. Also, we have a growing percentage of aging people in Singapore who would undoubtedly need the benefits that Yoga provides. It’s just a matter of getting them to try it out, and discovering for themselves how good it is.

Lastly, as a Yogi, what do you think of Tueetor?

Tueetor is an excellent platform for trainers and students to connect and find each other. As we are all different and have different needs, some would like a personal touch when learning something without going to a class full of different people with different needs.

There are students who are not able to attend classes out there because of their busy schedules and prefer a trainer come to their homes. And there might also be students who have physical and medical issues which may not be convenient to attend a regular Yoga class and prefer a private class. That’s why I’m on Tueetor and I’ll be happy to assist anyone who fall in those categories.

This interview was made possible with exclusive studio photography and styling provided by Shian Bang of Bang Photography. For more information check out his Instagram: @bangbing_b8 or Website: www.bangphotography.net . For more information on how to discover trainers on the Tueetor platform, call (65) 6206 6660 or visit Tueetor.com. Blog edited by Cecilia Leong.