Nomination for the Tueetor Startup Fund

Kem Siong & Han Sing - Tueetor Startup Fund

We hear you! The Tueetor Startup Fund (TSF) is now open for nominations! Either you know someone who deserves the S$10,000 that Tueetor is giving away, or if you think that your story is worth to tell, nominate him or her or yourself for TSF today! Same like our very first winner Kem Siong, the nominee should have a meaningful teaching or learning story to share.

First of all, our Kem Siong was actually born with an illness called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Despite the struggles he has faced in life, he never gave up his dream of becoming a game app developer. Unfortunately, due to financial limitations, he was unable to pursue his dream. Since he participated in Tueetor’s TSF campaign, we heard his story. Therefore, we felt that he deserves that S$10,000 to fund his learning journey. Besides his learning aspirations, we also hope that with this little contribution, he can be one step closer to his dream of becoming a developer. Please watch the following video so you can find out more about Kem Siong’s story.


Tueetor is here to help aspiring learners and trainers realise their dreams.

Maybe, you could be an aspiring musician, athlete, or engineer. Due to your courses, you might need funds to pay for your course fee, equipment, and materials. Probably for aspiring teaches, coaches or instructors, you will need funds to prepare and conduct your courses. While you are doing all that, you might also need some cash to tide over. Furthermore, you could use some money as your living expenses before you achieve your goals.

As a result, we created the Tueetor Startup Fund with the purpose to help. Therefore, we hope that with the S$10,000, you could be a one step closer to realizing your dream, and inspire others to do the same.

Most importantly, nominate your deserving individual now by submitting all required information below.