Myth or Fact? Demystifying Aerial Hoop and Silk


There is something about the feeling of flying or being up high up in the air using your own strength that makes aerial acrobatics so exciting to many people.

Instead of appreciating it on the ground, how about experiencing it for yourself? Aerial hoop and silk are two aerial disciplines that ordinary folks like us can quickly pick up and develop, with proper techniques and conditioning.

If you think aerial movement isn’t for you, we urge you to reconsider! There are many misconceptions surrounding aerial hoop and silk that put people off from trying. We tackle the top 3 concerns to distinguish fact and myth.

Person performing on an aerial hoop (https://tenor.com/view/aerial-silks-gif-10323643)

Myth or Fact? “You need basic acrobatics before doing aerial hoop and silk.”

MYTH. Aerial is open to all beginners. You may say, “I don’t know any acrobatics!” but that’s okay. Those who practise aerial movements may have a background in circus or dance, but it is not a prerequisite. More and more people are treating aerial as a fun workout.

Having said this, make sure that you have a trained professional with you when you’re starting out. Your instructor must be trained and needs to prioritise safety at all times.

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Myth or Fact? “You need to be slim to do aerial hoop and silk.”

MYTH. Aerial is for every body type. You may think, “I’m not skinny enough,” but there’s no perfect body type for doing aerial movements. What you need is not the right body, but the right mindset. Instead of blaming your body, focus on what it CAN do. Which parts are strong? Where is most flexible? Play up your strengths and work on the weaker parts.

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Myth or Fact? “Aerial hoop and silk are for women.”

MYTH. Aerial moves are for both sexes. In the circus, there are both male and female aerial acrobats. Although many who try out aerial hoop and silk are women, there are men in the class too. More importantly, in the circus and aerial community, both sexes are welcome.


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