How Do I Wake Up My Child for School? 

1. Wake your child up 10 minutes earlier than normal. This will give them enough time to get ready for school without being rushed and it even allows a little extra time in case they need help with something.

2. If you have a younger child, make sure that you wake them up before their sibling(s). You can explain to your child that because they are older, they need to help their younger brother or sister get ready for school. You can also explain that since you’re the parent and want them to be able to go enjoy their day, you’re going to wake them up first.

3. For children who naturally wake up late (or take a long time to get ready for school), follow the same process as you would on a typical day. If this is your 3rd grader, then they need to be up by 7am whether it’s the weekend or weekday.

4. Once they’re up, have your child eat breakfast! Breakfast is essential because most children only have time to eat a quick bite before school and they might end up very hungry by lunch. If your child forgets to eat breakfast, you can try making a nutritious smoothie that’s easy for them to drink on the way to school!

5. Try not to wake up your child with loud music or bright lights because it could make them annoyed and cranky. Let your child wake up at their own pace and then have some quiet time to get the blood flowing. If you want, let them watch a TV show or read a chapter from a book so that they can ease into waking up for the day.

Goodluck mom!