What Holiday Programme Should You Sign Your Child Up For?


It can be hard to find time during the school term to introduce your child to new experiences and interests. While you want to encourage their interests (and also see if it’s worth a longer-term investment), you also don’t want to waste precious weekend time sending them off to every class you can find.

Well, don’t waste this holiday period; many schools and experts are introducing special holiday courses tailored for kids! No matter what your child wants to do, there’s a course or class you can send them to. Since it’s holiday period, you don’t have to worry that they’re getting distracted from their school work, or that it’s going to mess up their schedule.

For The Active Child

Does your child like to stay outdoors at the playground, learning how to swing from the monkey bars? Or does he always beg for trips to the zoo or the park?

Your child might benefit from focusing his interests on learning a sport. Sports such as Tennis or even Boxing could be great ways for your child to expend his excess energy while learning skills such as controlled aim as well as self-discipline.

Photo courtesy of Arrow Sports

A short beginner’s course in these sports would be a welcome gift for any child that’s interested in active sports, as it will allow your child to pick up enough skill to be able to decide by the end of 2019 whether he would like to continue in this sport!

If you’re looking for something more nature-focused or less intense, though, you can introduce your child to the immensely popular hiking community in Singapore. Hiking can help your child to develop patience as well as an appreciation for nature and animals.

For the parents who aren’t hiking fans, you can task professional communities such as Young Nautilus Learning Journeys, which organises biodiversity nature walks in Singapore. You can sign your child up for any number of walks, such as their Coney Island Holiday Rustic Exploration walk happening at the end of the year.

For The Artistic Child

Don’t worry if your child is more artistically-inclined; even though the Arts hasn’t historically been well-received or well-compensated in Singapore, it seems to be changing in recent years with the launch of the Our SG Arts Plan by National Arts Council, as well as the rising number of art fests and venues in the city.

Encourage your child to pursue his interests by signing him up for simple holiday art workshops, such as a Christmas pop-up card-making workshop, or a Batik Painting class. The upside: you can show off the fruits of their labour at Christmas, or even give them out as presents!

Photo courtesy of Fine Momentum Academy

If your child is interested in both music and the performing arts, an exploratory course that includes music, dance, and more could be the answer. Let your child learn what he’s drawn to during the holiday programme, and use that to help you decide what classes to sign your child up for in 2020. You might be looking at a musical prodigy in the making or a professional dancer!

For The Logical Child

We aren’t going to miss out the quiet, introspective child who manages to understand complex concepts in record time. These are the kids that will benefit from an intellectually-stimulating course that helps them apply concepts to reality.

Photo Courtesy of Science Masterclass

While all children should be exposed to these classes, a 2 or 3 session programme might be best suited for those who can pick up the concepts quickly. A hands-on practical class on the power of magnets or a coding class for children would be appealing to kids who want to learn how the world works. With these courses, you can introduce them to physics and math, but framed within a fun class.

For The Child Who Just Wants To Spend Time With His Parents

Some children will want to go play with their friends, but oftentimes, many children just want to spend time with their parents during the holidays. However, it can be tough to plan parent-child bonding time, as many working parents aren’t able to drop their jobs during the school holidays.

Photo courtesy of Succulent Succulents

If this is the case, you can plan a special day or activity together with your child, such as a fun workshop where you learn to pot a succulent! Even though it might not take up a lot of time, it’s still precious bonding time where you and your child can work together to complete a task that’s not school or work-related.

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