Introducing My Income: an Easy-to-Use, newly built-in Accounting Software Now Available on Tueetor

We know that a freelancer’s income can fluctuate from month to month and sometimes rather drastically. Having a tool to enable you to look at your earnings-and profits-clearly is infinitely helpful. In a nutshell, if you have a way to help you plan and manage your finances over a period of time say, a quarter, half a year, to a full (financial) year, will enable you to chart your journey as a freelancer more meaningfully. This in turn will then provide a realistic value of your passionate side gig. So if you are getting by on income that fluctuates, you know you’ve got to plan for high times, and also, and more importantly, the low times.

Freelancer lounging on bed using Tueetor on her mobile

Besides being a freelance trainer, you can now manage your gigs with ‘My Income’, a newly built-in accounting software available to all users on Tueetor. (Pic courtesy of Bruno Cervera, Unsplash).

Introducing My Income module on Tueetor

To help you fortify your future, Tueetor presents My Income, a free accounting tool which ALL our registered users including trainers and learners can access on tueetor.com. It lets you chart both your income and expenditure and even costs pertaining to your lifestyle. If you’ve always had a fear of managing your finances, fear no more as My Income is an easy-to-use and relevant module specially built-into the platform. Here’s how it works:

Simply sign into your account and at your username drop down menu, scroll down to ‘My Income’.

Tueetor Home Page with Drop down menu

After signing in to Tueetor, scroll down within the drop-down menu at your user name to ‘My Income’ and click on it.

And wah lah! My Income module window will appear.

My Income pop up window on Tueetor home page

‘My Income’ pop-up window screen on Tueetor’s home page.

The fields including Revenue, Less Cost of Goods Sold and Less Allowable Business Expenses are fields you can input the pertinent information, according to your income and expenses. And it doesn’t even have to be income earned from Tueetor gigs! Once these are filled in, the Gross Profit and Adjusted Profit/Loss fields will be calculated automatically, allowing you to be ready anytime you require this information to be printed for the taxman.

Ready For the Taxman

Tueetor staff introducing My Income module

Our Client Engagement Team member Kaseh introducing ‘My Income’. Watch our introductory video here: https://www.facebook.com/tueetor/videos/1843426752335684/

With ‘My Income’ helping you track your ins and outs – and you can do this daily, weekly or even monthly – most of the uncomfortable work you felt about getting ready for tax filing season, would have been done. And when April 18th comes along, you would be more than ready, sans sweaty palms and racing heart! The amazing part of this module is it’s meant for everyone – be it a tutor who freelances full-time, or a sports coach whose passionate side hustle takes place only on the weekends; or, even the budding student-slime-maker/entrepreneur on Carousell (here’s looking at you kids!). So log on to https://tueetor.com/ now to access your free-to-use accounting software! Written by Cecilia Leong.