3 Reasons Tueetor Will Change Your Life Forever

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Finding the best tutor or trainer for your child should not be this vexing.

Finding the perfect tutor or trainer for your child is one of the “holiest of holy grails” of parenting, in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. Be it for Math, Chinese, classical ballet, piano, or even art, there’s no guarantee that the best teacher your money can afford, would deliver the results you would be expecting for your child.

So when I discovered Tueetor, the world’s first fully automatic, 24 x 7 learner-trainer platform, it completely changed how I approached the problem of looking for a suitable tutor. It is like a ‘matchmaker’ app, leveraging on a location-based technology that allows you to find a tutor near you.  It takes less than 2 minutes, from start of the download of the app, to connecting to a tutor.  Previously, it would take me many weeks to a few months to find a suitable tutor for my children. So if you’re looking for a tutor, here is why it is best to start and end with Tueetor;-

  1. A forever-free Learner Account with No Hidden Costs

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Lifelong learners rejoice! Find tutors in just a few clicks.

Each student account is free, and it matches you to whatever subject you may be looking for. From academic to non-academic subjects ranging from literature, Korean language, coding, aikido, beat-box or even hip hop dance, you can register for a learner account with merely your address and contact number. And it’s for ALL LEVELS of school-going children, from pre-school, kindergarten, primary through to tertiary, and even Lifelong Learners such as working professionals/housewives, retirees, basically all adults. All you have to do is submit information in criteria such as your preference of subject, level, qualification (of tutor/trainer), teaching experience, budget, time and location, and *ping, the location pins representing tutors and trainers near you, appear.

  1. Direct Communication with your chosen Tutor/Trainer

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You will receive notifications instantly and directly.

On top of that, you will also be able to communicate with your choice tutor directly on Tueetor’s platform. Since no one else is involved in the end-to-end matching process, Tueetor ensures that you have total confidentiality and neutrality. The app also does not collect any middleman/brokerage/commission fees, hence each arrangement is entirely between the learner and trainer. There are more than 350 subject offerings with some 3,000 trainers (and these numbers are growing daily) to choose from. Tueetor also has a vetted review system to help you make more informed decisions.

  1. Say goodbye to Referrals, Word-of-Mouth, contacting Brokers or Middle-Men

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Boosting my son’s belief in himself to do better was the ultimate pay-off that money can never buy


If you are asking why haven’t you heard of Tueetor before, well, now you have. The verdict? With just punching my residential address and a few other pertinent details in the initial registration after downloading the app, I was given almost 173 options of available Math tutors for my 14-year-old son all around my location. I can finally kiss goodbye to the involved process of asking for referrals or calling, enrolling in and sitting for an entrance exam to countless tuition centres. Say hello to convenience, no middlemen and an automatic matching platform. As for my son, he’s saying hello to an improvement in  confidence, esteem, and a definite bonus – an improvement in his grade in Math of about 10% and that’s only after a mere 2 months of matching him with this new tutor on Tueetor! Next up: finding him a volleyball instructor.

For more information visit http://bit.ly/2vKN2hs or download Tueetor at https://goo.gl/Aa88Se for Android devices, or https://goo.gl/nWID0w for Apple devices.

Cecilia Leong, Community Manager

A self-confessed former helicopter mama, Cecilia’s a born-again parenting realist who loves volunteering with her 3 monkeys. When not busy being a marcom specialist at Tueetor, she loves gaming, watching anime with and pestering her kids. Her mission in life is for her kids to discover their individual passions and the joy of giving back to society.