For the past year, the entire team here at Tueetor has been working hard on two things — one, a complete revamp of our platform, and two, a new platform called Coursaver.

While our new look was unveiled in June this year, Coursaver took a little more time to be ready. Of course, all good things are worth waiting for and we’re happy to announce that Coursaver is finally here!

What is Coursaver? It is a course marketplace by Tueetor, where you can shop for various courses across 500 subjects. We guarantee lowest prices, instant confirmation, and free cancellation.

Curious? Let’s take a quick tour inside Coursaver!

1. Discover

What do you want to learn today? Type your answer into the bar, and watch the suggestions flow.

Click on your desired course, subject interest, or course provider to see the full list of courses available.

2. Search

Scroll through the list of courses and find a suitable class. Use the filters (on the left side) to narrow your search.

Specify your preference by filtering according to price, age group of participants, start date, and location. With this, you will see only the courses that are relevant to you.

3. Book

Like what you see? Choose a date to attend the lesson and a registration form will appear. Fill in your particulars, make payment and it’s done!

Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.

Depending on the course or subject, the course provider may get in touch with you. With instant confirmation, all you need to do is to turn up for the lesson on the day of the course.

Discover and compare thousands of courses on Coursaver! For queries, call us at +65 6206 6660 or drop us a message on WhatsApp at 9883 3867.