Channel NewsAsia Feature + The More Important Mission Behind Tueetor

Han Sing by CNA

Channel NewsAsia recently featured Tueetor in their Business section! We are extremely humbled to be chosen as one of the three EdTech start-ups they talked about in the article. Also, our founder Han Sing had a great time chatting with journalist See Kit. They spoke about how our platform works and what the team is trying to achieve using Tueetor.

Similar to PropertyGuru or TripAdvisor, we want to be the platform facilitating the handshake between learners and trainers for all skills and subjects. With Tueetor, processes are automated and quickened during one’s quest for learning. Also, skipping the middleman now lowers the cost for education. With an online marketplace like this, learning becomes more accessible as well. Skills can now be offered at a time and location that suit any skilled person who were unable to commit to the “minimum” hours of teaching.

Yes, the education climate is ever booming in Singapore. A lot of start-ups are jumping onto the EdTech bandwagon. Some might say Han Sing’s brainchild – Tueetor, is just one of the many. However, there is a more important reason behind why 4 years was spent in creating this platform. He wanted to create a positive social impact on various groups of people, and found this the best way to achieve what he envisions.

1) Disadvantaged Students

Enrolments to both academic and non-academic enrichment classes for their children has become a norm for parents today. It is so common that attending these after-school classes is no longer considered a privilege. Unfortunately, many students from humble backgrounds are unable to afford these additional help. With our online marketplace, private or group classes are now offered at rates as low as S$15 per session by private trainers. Low prices we promise you’ve never seen before in the education industry.

2) Unemployed Skilled Workers

There is also this large group of unemployed but very skilled workers in Singapore. They may include people with disabilities, stay-at-home caregivers, women after pregnancy, and middle-aged PMETs. Finding a job in the ever-competitive job market may be difficult for them. Even though they could be skilled people, for any reason they might be unable to rejoin the workforce. Teaching can now be an alternative source of income now since they get to choose where they want to teach anything they are good at.

3) Learned Senior Citizens

Furthermore, in line with the government’s efforts in seeing our senior citizens age well and live fulfilling lives, learned senior citizens may identify, via our platform, a sustainable income stream through teaching. They could be very good in a language, an art technique, or even cooking. Most of them have a wealth of experience and plenty of skills to share. Also, through this platform, we hope that our senior citizens will have a lifelong learning journey with us. They could pick up a new hobby or find something they never thought they would learn.

4) Students with Special Needs

This group of people stay close to our heart as this was one of the key reasons why Tueetor was created by Han Sing. His really close friend has a child with special needs. Even though he went to a good specialised school, not being given enough attention in class was a problem for their child. They were unable to identify experienced teachers to spend more time with their child after school. Parents will be able to find help instantly through our platform. By posting the subject matter online, it has become much easier to find educators that specialise in teaching these kids.

5) Troubled Teens

Lastly, we all know that a good tutor can be an extra pair of listening ears, watchful eyes and helping hands for busy parents. A good tutor can also play an important role in a child’s formative and impressionable years. Therefore, if a good tutor can be engaged by parents at an affordable price, we hope the recent increase in tragedies involving troubled teenagers, could be prevented. Tutors can now become mentors for teenagers.

All in all, the Tueetor team really hope that we can create this positive impact and improve the affordability and accessibility of education at places we go to!

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