Beat The Haze With These 7 Indoor Fitness Classes


Your vision and sense of smell aren’t wrong: the haze has engulfed Singapore once again! The last week has brought an unwanted revival of the ‘N95 mask paired with air-cons at full blast’ lifestyle, making it hard to exercise outdoors. 

Don’t fret; just replace your regular run and swim training with a few indoor fitness courses. From one-off classes to a 30-day unlimited course with a personal coach, here are 7 recommendations to add to your fitness skillset: 

1. Build Your Core Strength With Calisthenics 

If you’re looking to crush your next IPPT with a hundred pull-ups, calisthenics is for you. The practice of building core strength through the use of body weight and gravity has become immensely popular over the last 10 years. 

For example, FightFitAsia’s KyoMove incorporates’ core stability, core strength and movement training inspired by conditioning techniques from the legendary full-contact Kyokushin karate for enhanced mobility, flexibility and natural movement.’ 

Test out your functional strength with a calisthenics class at FightFitAsia LLP, available from S$157.50 for a one hour class (reduced from S$175) on Coursaver.

2. Breathe In A Yoga Studio

Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

Used to sweating it out in hot yoga classes? Try a change of pace with yin yoga and yoga stretch classes. While they’re not as physically-demanding as hot yoga in terms of gravity-defying poses, yin yoga classes can still be tough to ace. Yin yoga and yoga stretch classes focus on flexibility and functionality of your muscles and connective tissues (i.e. the myofascia).

Holding a yoga stretch pose for up to 15 breaths can be strenuous if that particular pose touches on muscles or areas that are over-worked or in pain. The Yoga Stretch class (currently reduced to S$31.50 from S$35 on Coursaver!) from  Superfly Monkey Dragons, for example, is meant to help participants relax their muscles and focus on their breathing. 

3. Sweat It Out With HIIT 

If sweating is still your preferred form of exercise, then what better way than to take a indoor high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class? Combining brief recovery times with bursts of intense aerobic exercises, HIIT classes are popular with participants who want to have maximum movement in a short amount of time. 

TMP Fitness’ Metafit HIIT, for example, was designed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, and includes ‘bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire.’ At just S$13.50 for one class (reduced from S$15) on Coursaver, why not try one class out? 

4. Take A Group Fitness Class With Your Friends

Photo by Danielle Cerullo on Unsplash

New to exercising in a group environment? If solitary sports have been your go-to so far, it can be jarring to suddenly be in a class exercising with other people. Why not ask your friends to join you in a low-commitment indoor fitness class? 

For example, Studio West at Teck Whye provides one-hour classes that hold a maximum of 15 participants, so you can work out with your BFFs and stay motivated together. One class starts at the low price of S$7.20 on Coursaver.

5. Embark On A 30-Day Body Transformation Program

Photo by Chase Kinney on Unsplash

Looking for a longer-term workout commitment? The best way to ensure that is to hire a personal trainer or personal coach. However, if you’re looking to try out a programme, or make big changes within a short time span, a 30-day unlimited session personal coaching might be better.

At My Wellness Studio at Bendemeer, there is a 30-Days Body Transformation Program that includes a personal coach, as well as ’nutrition plans, meals, exercise plan and 24/7 support throughout this 30 days.’ This 30-day unlimited session goes for S$449.10 on Coursaver, reduced from S$499. 

6. Throw An Axe And Work Out Your Frustration

Image from Axe Factor

Axe-throwing doesn’t sound like the most useful of exercises; after all, when are you ever going to need that skill? However, what it lacks in specificity, it makes up with in fun and stress relief. 

Axe Factor is an indoor axe-throwing range that provides one-hour unlimited throws at a bullseye at just S$25.20 (reduced from S$28) on Coursaver. A coach will be provided to help guide you with your aim and ensure that you keep improving your throwing skills.

Trust us, you can work up quite the sweat trying to throw the heavy axe repeatedly, even indoors.

7. Learn Badminton With The Pros

Did you watch our recent Tueetor Chats where we interviewed Ronald Susilo, one of Singapore’s most well-known badminton players?

Well, you can now learn badminton from Susilo and his team of coaches. Don’t leave badminton of your ‘to-learn’ list any more, and use this ‘hazy opportunity’ to learn the indoor sport! A Basic Badminton Training Programme of 4 Sessions goes at S$207 on Coursaver, reduced from S$230. 

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