Don’t Say BOJIO! Have You Heard of AMUSE?

Amuse think - Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

Introducing TUEETOR’S A MOST UNUSUAL SUBJECT ENTRY (AMUSE) Facebook and Instagram Contest. From now till the 9th September, simply comment on Facebook or Instagram to nominate what you think is the most unusual subject you find or know of on Tueetor, and we’ll pick 20 random comments to win USD$50.00 App or Play Store credits, as simple as that!

At Tueetor, we receive subject suggestions everyday – what users wish to teach or learn – some eventually made it to our now 500+ strong list while others, don’t quite make the cut. Some of these suggestions could be so…extraordinary, we sometimes wonder if they really exist!

To give you a sense of the more, shall we say, unique subjects we know of, allow us to present – Breakdance.

Breakdance or breakdancing, is also known as b-boying/b-girling, and according to Wikipedia, is an athletic style of street dance. So by virtue of that definition alone, our Tueetor trainer in breakdance, Bboy Style-Roc, would most likely not only get you up to speed on the various dance moves known in breakdance; namely, toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes; but also, you would be exposed to some form of physical training besides acquiring the dance discipline.

So if you’re a parent looking to get your kids started on an unusual physical activity that’s also a bonus dance form, or if you’re an aspiring artiste and want to pick up additional dance skills, sign up on Tueetor, check out Bboy Style-Roc‘s trainer profile and connect with him today!