Ace A-Math With These Study Tips From a Secondary Math Tutor


When students enter Secondary 3, Mathematics is no longer as simple as it was. The study of Mathematics is now separated into E-Math and A-Math.

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Even students who did well in Math before now start to struggle, especially in A-Math. What does it take to improve your grades?

We ask secondary math tutor Natalie Chong for study tips. Natalie is currently an undergraduate student studying medicine at the National University of Singapore (NUS), and has been teaching for more than 3 years! Learn how to fix common mistakes and excel in A-Math:

As a secondary math tutor, what are common mistakes that you see students make in A-Math?

Careless mistakes are very common. I feel that careless mistakes can be overcome with regular practices and checking of work.

What is the most challenging part about A-Math?

Mathematics is a subject that does not require much memorising, but a lot of understanding. The most challenging part is learning new concepts that require a higher level of understanding.

How can students overcome this challenge?

In order to grasp these new concepts well, students require patience and perseverance. The effort will definitely show!

Based on your experience as a secondary math tutor, would you share some tips to do well in A-Math?

Math is a lot about practice and understanding, so practising questions regularly is important.

Mark out the questions that you are unsure about and clarify them with your tutor.

Make sure you understand the earlier concepts taught before attempting to go further. The basic foundation is very important because A-math builds on the depth of understanding of previous concepts.

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