5 Tips To Make The Most Of The 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale

If you’re an avid shopper, you’re bound to know the Singles’ Day, or 11/11 Shopping Festival. Started by Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang back in 2009, the shopping bonanza has overtaken Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to become the biggest online shopping event in November.

With last year’s sales figures topping more than $30.8 billion in just 24 hours, Alibaba has made the obscure celebration by single men at Nanjing University in the 1990s into an annual event that other retailers are rushing to participate in. In the last few years, retailers such as Lazada, Shopee, Sephora, and Zalora have joined Taobao in offering large time-based discounts off their e-commerce sites.

As retailers get ready for this year’s 11.11 sales, we would like to share a few methods for savvy shoppers to ensure that they can get the best deal on the items that they want. Follow these tips below, and let us know what you’ve managed to snag after the 11th!

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1. Write Your Shopping List

Currently, we are less than a week away from 11.11. Before you start clicking on that ‘20 % off! Now!’ shopping ad, look at what you need first. After all, online retailers will sell anything from a bulk-pack of toilet paper to a $10,000 sofa at 20% off.  

Check what you’ve been waiting to buy or need to stock up on – It could very well be both restocking household essentials while also buying a new shoe rack to replace your ratty old one. This helps you navigate the sales more efficiently, as you can directly search for items you’re looking for instead of slowly scrolling through every single item on sale.

2. Set A Budget

It can be tempting just to buy anything that interests you, especially if it’s cheap. Just like the candy aisle near the supermarket cashier, though, each $1 can add up, and you might be stuck with a total amount that’s more horrifying than gratifying.

After you’ve written down your shopping list, set the maximum price you’re willing to pay for each item. This stops you from impulsively buying a $2,000 shelf just because it was 25% off. At the same time, you can use that price while shopping to filter the product results down to the relevant items.

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

When you know how much you’re probably going to spend, you can then set a small amount aside for impulse buys that catch your eye. After all, they don’t call it retail therapy for nothing!

3. Separate Out Urgent Purchases

Sometimes, families will insist on waiting for sales before purchasing household essentials in bulk. While this might work in-store, the shipping process for online retailers might prolong your wait even longer.

Sephora, for example, explicitly states at Checkout that shipping might take longer during a sales period. Overseas retailers on Lazada also take longer to deliver items as compared to local distributors, due to the customs and shipping process.

If you’re looking for items urgently, then, you might want to consider looking at these online sites right now – many retailers are already marking items down, and ordering before the 11.11 rush itself will help when it comes to your items being delivered faster.

4. Add Everything To A Wishlist / Shortlist

The best e-commerce sites have a ‘Wishlist’ or ‘Shortlist’ feature, where you can save potential products that you’re thinking of purchasing. Instead of using your default Wishlist, why not create a specific Shortlist for 11.11?


Pick all the items you want to purchase and add to a list titled ’Singles Day’ in advance. This way, you can immediately add everything to cart the moment 11.11 hits, and ensure that you get all the items you want before it sells out! Before you check out, though, make sure you double-check the prices to ensure that the discount or promotion has been applied!

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5. Use Cashback Apps or Credit Cards

Besides site-specific Singles’ Day promotions, many banks also provide cashback or rebates if you use their credit cards to pay for your purchases. For example, Citibank and Standard Chartered provide discounts at Lazada and other sites, so this can help to offset your purchase price.

At the same time, you can look at cashback sites such as ShopBack to look for cashback while shopping online. To do this, you’ll need to either add a browser extension or shop through the cashback site’s app, but it still allows you to earn back quite a bit of money from your purchases. Some sites even offer additional cashback during sale periods!

Happy Shopping!