3 Ways A Life Coach Can Help to Change Your Life

Life coaching has become popular these few years. With the rise of self-improvement and personal development, there are now people whose job is to help you achieve those personal goals and attain a higher level of fulfillment and success. Even subject matter experts are also taking on the role of a life coach to journey alongside their clients.

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What exactly does a life coach do? Perhaps more realistically, how does it matter to you?

A life coach partners you on your journey and asks the necessary questions to help you consider options and achieve your maximum potential. Still, many people don’t quite understand the impact of having the help of a life coach. Simply put, if the best athletes have coaches to help them improve their performance, why not us?

Some of the most successful people we know have life coaches. Talk show host and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey is an active advocate of life coaching. During the 20-year run of The Oprah Winfrey Show, she introduced many life coaches to her viewers by having them as guests on her show, including her own life coach Martha Beck, a Havard-trained sociologist and New York Times bestselling author.

Even former U.S. President Bill Clinton has sought the advice of a life coach. During his presidency, he regularly took time to speak to his life coach, the ever-effervescent Tony Robbins.

Since each life coach has his or her own style and methodology, it is best to find a life coach that would suit your needs. By enlisting the help of the right life coach, your life will improve in these three main ways.

1) Achieve clarity in your goals to lead a more purposeful life

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash
Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

Singaporean life coach Liang Yun Kai describes life coaching as such, “It helps one achieve clarity and work on priority activities in an efficient way. It also helps expand one’s self capacity to be aware of possibilities and receive positivity in life to achieve all rounded successes in an accelerated manner.”

Many of us are able to work on our goals on our own. But for many others, having a coach is said to help kick-start the process and accelerate their growth.

Yun Kai adds, “We all need someone to guide us or simply give us a gentle push in life to help us see the light or to reach our goals. Every athlete has a coach and every successful person has some form of coaching too, be it in business, health or life. So to be successful in life, here’s where a life coach comes into the picture.”

2) Work on sustainable solutions to bring about long-lasting change

Photo by Gervyn Louis on Unsplash
Photo by Gervyn Louis on Unsplash

A quick browse through Medium turns up a variety of blog posts detailing how a life coach changed their life. In one Medium post by entrepreneur Tam Phan, he says of his life coach Kat Koh, “Kat didn’t just motivate me to eat healthier. She has literally changed the habits that I never thought I could break. She taught me what sustainable change looks like and I could never be more grateful.”

On this topic, Yun Kai says, “I’ve successfully helped my clients change their bad habits. My clients also changed the way they perceive others in a positive light and hence improved on communication and as a result, performed better at work or even in school, in terms of grades and behaviour. Some clients also let go of certain negative energies that got them stuck in life and started to move forward to receive greater happiness around them.”

3) Identify neglected areas and remove mental road blocks

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Being human, we often do not see the neglected areas of in our life. It usually takes someone else to point it out. Even then, many of us would not think about paying a coach to do this.

In a HuffPost article by content strategist Deborah Gaines, she writes, “I have a life coach. Among people I know, this is about as embarrassing as saying, “my nine-year-old isn’t toilet trained” or “I have an STD,” so you may be wondering why I am coming out with it. The reason is, in the 10 years I have been working with Travis, my life has changed dramatically for the better.”

Indeed, there is a negative connotation attached to life coaching. Yun Kai agrees, “There’s a general misconception that life coaching is for the weak or ill and it just won’t work. We are focused on achieving goals for wealth, for health, for relationship, etc, but we often neglect one major thing – “ourselves” – the inner us.”

“We often seek changes from the outside to satisfy our inner needs but life coaching can bring about changes from the inside out which will attain greater and lasting results.”

This is the kind of change that Gaines describes in her HuffPost article. As she recounts the experience with her life coach Travis, she concludes, “With kindness and patience, Travis began to do what all good coaches do: dismantle the road blocks I had placed in the way of my own success.”

Life Coaching: Is it for me?

As we move into the last quarter of 2019, how will you be spending your time? Do you have goals that you have not achieved? Get cracking now, before 2020 rolls around!

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