12 Days of Christmas Giving - Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik on Unsplash

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Since the launch of our platform in August, we have received very good feedback. Many have joined our “go-direct” movement, consequently finding and speaking to their preferred trainers and learners directly via our platform. Furthermore, to promote the platform, we have been actively taking part in exhibitions, walking around the heartlands and in schools. In addition, we have been publicising Tueetor on print and digital media. We’re doing all these so that you, our users, can benefit from a greater choice of trainers, and a wider group of students!

Its Christmas – the season of giving! Therefore, to extend our gratitude to our supporters, we are giving away free experiences sessions to some lucky users! In addition, these experience sessions are of 12 different skills and subjects that the Tueetor team has specially curated. Which means, instead of our usual 1, we are featuring 12 trainers this time!  It seems like each of them is giving away a free experience session (trial lesson) to 10 lucky users! 12 x 10 = 120 free classes! Most of all, these trainers teach subjects ranging from Sports, to Languages, to Academics – surely you can find a subject that interests you!

More importantly, you can take this chance to experience a class with your potential trainer before you actually start paying! Furthermore, you can also register with your friends and family, and attend the free experience sessions together. After all of you have registered, just drop us an email while we try to accommodate your requests!

Register your interests by 15th January! Because this is completely free, and will only take you less than a minute, why not do it right now?

Merry Christmas from our 12 featured trainers for Tueetor’s 12 Days of Christmas Giving!

12 Featured Trainers for 12 Days of Christmas

Please click on the links below to the sign-up for the free experience sessions for the respective subjects!

Mo El Shennawi (Personal Fitness Training) – https://tueetor-moelshennawi.hscampaigns.com/
Hua Hsing Lee (Japanese Language) – https://tueetor-leehuahsing.hscampaigns.com/
Spencer Lim (Tennis) – https://tueetor-spencerlim.hscampaigns.com/
Balinder (Bollywood Modern Dance) – https://tueetor-balinder.hscampaigns.com/
Fiza (Biology) – https://tueetor-msfiza.hscampaigns.com/
Roger Keen Goh (Swimming) – https://tueetor-rogerkeengoh.hscampaigns.com/
Milton Lai (Adobe Photoshop) – https://tueetor-miltonlai.hscampaigns.com/
Karina Lou (Piano) – https://tueetor-karinalou.hscampaigns.com/
Shane Tan (Soccer) –  https://tueetor-shanetan.hscampaigns.com/
Calvin Ng (Kickboxing) – https://tueetor-calvinng.hscampaigns.com/
Jorge P. (Table Tennis) – https://tueetor.com/blog/tueetor-jorgep/
OUTnamaste [Aislin, Tiffary, Aini] (Yoga)https://tueetor.com/blog/tueetor-outnamaste/

Enrich yourself by learning a new skill, because why not?

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!